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Moody's: Competitive Risks for Big Oil

Big oil companies, which have grown rich from soaring energy prices, face an increasingly tough future of shrinking reserves, costlier growth and inc

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Why Exxon Won't Produce More

Exxon management flashed a chart that showed the company's worldwide oil production staying flat through 2012.

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Congress mulls limits on oil speculators

Fed up with soaring oil prices and a chorus of people blaming Wall Street speculators, Congress is considering a host of rules aimed at limiting the

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Hunting for oil villains

The story of the Hunt brothers, who cornered the market on silver in the 1970s, shows why speculators aren't driving up oil prices.

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Georgia: A Blow to U.S. Energy

The sudden war in the Caucasus brought Georgia to heel, reasserted Russia's claim as the dominant force in the region, and dealt a blow to U.S. prest

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Falling Oil Price Is a Positive Note Amid Turmoil

But lately, nearly lost amid the chaos in the markets, oil prices have been dropping sharply from July’s triple-digit peak. If that trend continues

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