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Stock Investor Place is an Internet publication specializing in providing information on publicly traded companies and the capital markets. The information contained herein is not to be used as guidance to make any particular investment. Information made known in any publication within this web site should not be interpreted or treated as an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any product or security. Any data and information provided is strictly for informational purposes. Some of the company profiles shown on this web site will be paid advertisements. Before going ahead with any investment decisions, consult first with a certified financial advisor. Any information on this web site should be first independently verified before committing to any investment decision. Stock Investor Place, any affiliates and information providers make no implied or express warranties on the information supplied.

You agree that your use of the Service is strictly at your own risk and acknowledge that the Service and anything held therein, counting, but not limited to, content, services, goods or advertisements are supplied "AS IS" and that Stock Investor Place makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, as to the Items, including, but not limited to, merchantability, non-infringement, title or fitness for a specific purpose or use. The content of supplementary Internet sites, services, resources, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the Products and Services is not maintained or controlled by Stock Investor Place. Stock Investor Place is therefore not liable for the availability, material or accurateness of other Internet sites, services, resources or goods that may be linked to, or advertised on, the Products and Services. Stock Investor Place does not make any guarantee, stated or implied, in regards to the use of the links provided on the Products and Services, guarantee the accurateness, comprehensiveness, effectiveness or sufficiency of any other Internet sites, services, resources, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the Products and Services or make any endorsement, express or implied, of any other Internet sites, services, resources, goods or advertisements that may be connected to the Products and Services. You recognize that Stock Investor Place and/or third-party contributors to the Products and Services may decide at any time to restrain or prohibit their material from being accessed under the terms. You recognize that the service is provided strictly for information purposes and is not used for trading purposes, the service incorporates information obtained from the American Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto Venture Exchange and other sources, Stock Investor Place does not guarantee the accurateness, completeness, sequence or timeliness of the service and the provision of certain parts of the service is subject to the terms and conditions of further agreements to which Stock Investor Place is a party. Accordingly, anything to the contrary herein set forth notwithstanding, Stock Investor Place, its employees and officers, general partner, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns, Suppliers and its third-party agents shall not, directly or indirectly, be liable, in any way, to you or any other person for any inaccuracies or errors in or omissions from the Products and Services including, but not limited to, quotes and financial data, abstracts, delays, errors or interruptions in the transmission or delivery of the Service or any loss or damage arising there from or occasioned thereby, or by any reason of nonperformance.

Neither Stock Investor Place nor any of its content or data providers shall be liable for any mistakes or for any deeds taken in reliance thereon. Please substantiate quotes with your investment advisor before going ahead with any investment decisions. The quotes and charts displayed on our sites are delayed for at least 15 minutes, except NYSE and Amex which are 20 minutes. Factual statements on this web site or newsletters sent to subscribers are made as of the date stated and are subject to modification without notice. By using Stock Investor Place site, a user is in agreement not to resend the information found therein.

Stock Investor Place is not a registered broker-dealer nor do we hold ourselves out to be and does not advocate or support the services of any brokerage company. The brokerage company you choose is strictly responsible for its products and services provided to you, the user. The trading services that users can access through the links on this site are services of the listed independent companies and Stock Investor Place makes no assurance on any information supplied by third party sites. Stock Investor Place shall not be liable for any costs or damages of any type resulting from or in any way related with your utilization of the products and services of the brokerage company or any third party linked from this site .

We in no way assert that we have appraised the accounting, business practices or financials of the companies that we have profiled. As a result, it is recommended that you seek the counsel of a financial consultant or an advisor before investing in any company’s stock that we profile. Articles featured on this site may be an advertisement on behalf of the Company whose articles and/or information displayed herein and may not be deemed as investment advice. The rationale of an advertisement, like any advertising, is to provide coverage and build visibility for the company. The information supplied in the advertisements is not destined for circulation to, or use by, any individual or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such allocation or use would be against the law or regulation or which would put us to any registration obligation within such jurisdiction or country. No analysis has been carried out by the Publisher of the business, conditions, financial position, or additional aspects regarding the Company which may materialize in the advertisements contained herein, if there are any interpretations within an advertisement, it is strictly the opinion of the publisher based on information known and displayed at the time of publishing. Stock Investor Place, therefore, makes no assurance as to the reliability of any such information. The advertisements are not a solicitation to purchase, hold, or sell shares, warrants or options of an advertising Company. Readers should confer with their own independent business, financial and tax advisors in regards to any investment opportunity, as well as any contemplated investment in the advertised Company. All information with regards to a company advertising herein and contained in this publication should be verified independently with such company and an autonomous securities analyst. Stock Investor Place, its affiliates, directors, officers, subsidiaries and agents of this advertisement may have been compensated by the Companies advertising herein, which compensation may involve shares of stock in the Company. This would create an innate conflict of interest and Stock Investor Place would therefore profit from any augmentation in the share price of any Company advertising herein that is held by Stock Investor Place. In the event Stock Investor Place has been compensated, our statements and opinions cannot be regarded as being independent.

Stock Investor Place, its owners, employees, writers, their families and associates may perhaps have investments in companies highlighted within it's publication, and may choose to liquidate these investments or purchase further investments in these companies at any moment. This includes selling into any price appreciation of the stock. The Company may buy and sell these stocks many times, including at the same time with the transmission of news articles, press releases and profile distributions. Stock Investor Place does not guarantee that it will acquire shares in the issues presented, but holds the right to acquire shares, before, simultaneous with, or following transmission/dissemination of information. Users of said information should suppose and recognize that Stock Investor Place will sell and is selling its shares received and held as payment and stock purchased in the open market. Selling shares of any public company could create a drop in the price of the underlying security. In order to be in total compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), Stock Investor Place will report any fee it receives as payment from any source, whether in cash, options or shares of stock, for its attempt in researching, presenting, and distributing this information to our subscriber database and showcasing the report on Stock Investor Place web site. The compensation disclosure is made available at the bottom of each company's report. A fee of $3000 was paid to Stock Investor Place for news dissemination.

No information, whether oral or written, attained by you from or through Stock Investor Place, or a third party in reference to Stock Investor Place, shall form any guarantee not expressly stated in an independent signed contract. The material of the Stock Investor Place web site are supplied to our subscribers and the general public ("Users"), strictly for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as investment advice, and are subject to amendments without notice. Stock Investor Place profiles should not be interpreted as independent research, as segments of it are paid advertising or securities in which Stock Investor Place has been remunerated, purchased shares in or both. The Company may also acquire securities in addition to those stocks it receives as remuneration from clients and it may acquire shares of client companies that it hasn't received remuneration from, but is transmitting data regarding. This produces an inherent conflict of interest. All articles, statements and expressions posted are NOT offers or solicitations to buy or sell securities. The information supplied by the Company is attained through independent market research, materials accessible to the general public, information supplied by clients, profiles written by other Investor Relations firms enlisted by mutual clients, and in certain cases interviews with management.

You consent, at your own cost, to indemnify, defend, and hold not responsible Stock Investor Place, and its agents, employees, representatives and suppliers, against any claim, suit, action, or other proceeding brought against Stock Investor Place, its agents, employees, representatives and suppliers, by a third party, to the extent that such claim, suit, action or other proceeding brought against Stock Investor Place, its agents, employees, representatives and suppliers, is based on or occurring in connection with the Products and Services, including but not limited to your utilization or someone utilizing your computer's use of the Products and Services; a violation of the terms by you or anyone using your computer; a claim that any use of the Products and Services by you or someone utilizing your computer contravenes any Intellectual Property Right (as herein defined) of any third party, or any right of personality or publicity, is defamatory or slanderous, or otherwise results in injury or damage to any third party; any deletions, additions, insertions, or alterations to, or any unauthorized utilization of, the Products and Services by you or someone utilizing your computer; any misrepresentation or breach of representation or warranty made by you contained herein; or any breach of any covenant or agreement to be carried out by you hereunder. You agree to pay any and all costs, damages, and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs awarded against or otherwise incurred by or in connection with or arising from any such claim, suit, action or proceeding attributable to any such claim.

Stock Investor Place is not a Registered Broker/Dealer or Financial Advisor, nor do we hold ourselves out to be. All content shown on our web site and individual reports distributed to the public through this web site, e-mail or any other methods of transmission are not to be regarded as investment advice and are strictly for informative purposes. The reader should validate all claims and perform their own due diligence before investing in any securities stated. Investing in securities is speculative and bears an elevated degree of risk.

This publication or any part thereof may not be duplicated or reprinted without the written permission of the Publisher. We encourage our readers to prudently make investment decisions and read the investor information available at the web sites of the TSX Group at http://www.tsx.com, the Investment Dealers Association of Canada at http://www.ida.ca/, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at: http://www.sec.gov and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) at: http://www.nasd.com, Readers can go over all public filings by companies at the SEC's EDGAR page and the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)’s SEDAR page at http://www.sedar.com/.

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