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Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned investor, Stock Investor Place provides you the tools and information for keeping up on the latest market developments, stock research and monitoring your investments. We even created the venues for you to exchange, share and express your views with other active investors within our online community. To become a member, just fill out the simple application form.

Being a Stock Investor Place Member means you get:


Express your market views and ideas through profiles, blogs, photos, forums and even videos. Find out what other members are saying. E-mails can be exchanged with other Stock Investor Place members. Interactivity is what MyInvestorSpace is about.

Corporate Brand Blast

Receive the latest financial news, company profiles and analysis by e-mail. Get the low down on what these emerging companies are up to. The important facts and points are convenient laid out for you to easily follow.

Press Releases

Get the latest press releases from featured companies via e-mail. Find out what’s happening with these up and coming companies on a regular basis. The better informed you are, the better investment decisions you’ll make.

Top Voted Press Releases

Make your voice heard. As a member, you get to submit your favorite press release from the featured companies. Stock Investor Place members promote the PR stories that are most relevant and useful to them.

SIP Market Recap Letter

Keep up to date on daily market events, highlights and company news. Get the recap on how the North American markets did the same day. You’ll also get the scoop on major corporate developments and profit reports.


Set up your own Stock Investor Place blog. You want to share your views about certain companies and the current state of the markets with other fellow investors; you now have the means. You can also find out what other members are saying.

Big Board

You want to get a discussion started on a particular investing or market related topic, just put it up on the Big Board Forum. You’ll find out what other members have to say. You might even get new insights about that particular topic. The Big Board is about the exchange of ideas among enthusiastic investors.


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