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Stock Investor Place is a premier financial online content company. We deliver private labeled financial content and third party financial content to our audience. Our proprietary technology allows our clients to effectively deliver online the latest financial data and news to interested parties including employees and shareholders. Our clients include publicly traded companies seeking to release the latest developments and financial information via the Internet.


Our Audience
  • Over a 100,000 unique visitors seeking the latest financial market news and corporate developments. Visitors are reached when they go through the main search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to find the relevant finance related information.
  • More than a million pages are read every month by active investors averaging over 10 pages for each visit.
  • More than 15,000 registered members receive our most current e-mails and investment letters.
  • New members are registering daily seeking the most recent investor information.


Our Services

We use our proven proprietary online search engine technology to communicate relevant stories to the active online investor. Your message can be reached to the target audience via online by the following options:

  • Advertising On Our Websites: Your company is prominently featured on our websites. The purpose is to build awareness of your company and generate additional traffic to your corporate website. Companies opting for this service are featured on a rotating basis. Their profile will also appear on our list of up and coming companies during the entire campaign where it is also prominently featured on a rotating basis.

  • Sponsorship of Newsletters: To build awareness of your company and its latest developments, your company’s headlines are featured on top of our newsletters. Once the headline is clicked on, it will bring the reader to your company’s website.

  • E-Mail Campaigns: To communicate your latest story to the relevant audience, our e-mail campaigns are effective delivery vehicles. This service features unlimited use. Availability is determined by how often this service is used by our advertisers. A maximum of two e-mails per day are sent to our readers.


The Program

The Stock Investor Place Advertising Program makes certain that the client gets maximum results for their advertising dollar. The client can opt for one or a combination of services offered.

Evaluation: Every client is unique. Our professionals first meet with the client to establish what is the best course of action for realizing their specific goals based on their current circumstances.

The Advertising Campaign: An advertising campaign is built around the clients’ current situation, objectives and budgets. The mission is to generate the highest return on investment for the client’s advertising dollar. The campaign can be one or a combination of services provided by Stock Investor Place.


Who We Are

The management team of Stock Investor Place began in 1997 as an IT business solutions provider. Since the adoption of the online advertising business model, Stock Investor Place has evolved into being at the forefront of this revolutionary median that has changed the dynamics for the marketing of financial products and services.

Contact Us

For more information or our advertising rates contact us here.

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