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Investor Awareness Program For Public Companies

Many investors today do their own stock trades and conduct their own research online. The challenge for the up and coming publicly traded companies is how to effectively reach this coveted investor. This investor has before them thousands of companies that they can potentially invest in. To get your company’s compelling story out to this group, it’s no longer enough to catch the attention of institutional investors and stockbrokers and have them deliver your story. Stock Investor Place uses its proven online marketing technology to effectively communicate your company’s unique developments to the relevant audience.

Stock Investor Place delivers cost effective online investor relations solutions for dynamic emerging companies whose shares are under valued. Using our established proprietary search engine technology, we deliver your company’s story to the interested investor actively seeking up and coming companies to invest in. To reach this active investor, we use a combination of:

  • Being featured on high traffic spots on our websites
  • Sponsorship of our newsletters
  • Direct e-mails sent to qualified investors seeking new investing opportunities.


Our Online Audience

Our investment sites give individuals the means to take charge of their financial decisions. These financial websites provide the content and resources to allow people to make informed investment decisions. These readers also receive financial newsletters and e-mails covering the latest market developments and emerging companies. Here are details about our audience:

  • Over 100,000 unique visitors actively looking for emerging companies to invest in. Visitors are reached when they use the major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to find interesting stock investments.
  • More than a million pages are read each month by active investors averaging over 10 pages per visit.
  • Over 15,000 registered members receive our latest e-mails and investment letters.
  • New members are registering daily looking for the latest investor information.


Our Mission

Stock Investor Place is committed to maximizing the returns of our clients’ advertising dollar. To achieve this, we deliver quality leads from our audience of active investors and provide the necessary tools for our clients to track the progress of the campaign. Where necessary, adjustments will be made on the campaign to better its effectiveness. Our investor awareness campaign is devised to:

  • Increase brand recognition of the public company
  • Build an audience of interested and knowledgeable investors
  • Expand the database of prospective investors
  • Raise awareness of the company’s latest developments


Online Advertising Solutions

Stock Investor Place provides a diversity of online advertising solutions to reach the highly coveted investor actively looking for emerging companies to invest in. Our experienced team works with the client to find the most cost effective way to reach these individuals in order to maximize the return of their advertising campaign. We actively monitor each of our client’s advertising campaign to measure its effectiveness and continuously look for new ways to created added value as the campaign advances.

Stock Investor Placeworks with companies that are focused on building great competitive businesses. We provide various solutions to help companies build awareness among their targeted audience. These solutions include:


Corporate Brand Blast

The Corporate Brand Blast delivers your company profile and highlights to at least 100,000 investors actively seeking new investment opportunities. This e-mail service exclusively showcases your company and builds corporate brand awareness. The content is sent in an eye-catching, smartly designed package using attractive graphics.


SIP Market Place

See real-time example

The SIPMarket Place is prominently featured on our financial sites. This page features the profiles of no more than 15 companies. By clicking on your company’s profile, the reader finds out what your company does and gets stock quotes on your company shares. The reader can then fill out the request form to get more details on your corporation. This information goes into your database of prospective investors.


Feature Company Marketing

See real-time example

This service prominently features the company on our investment portals. The feature is designed to build awareness of your company and generate additional traffic to your corporate website. Companies opting for this service are featured on a rotating basis. Their profile will also appear on SIP Market Place during the entire campaign where it is also prominently featured on a rotating basis.


Press Release

To maximize the impact of your company press releases, over 15,000 targeted investors receive news of your most recent corporate developments. This service features unlimited use. Availability is determined by how often this service is used by our advertisers. A maximum of two e-mails per day are sent to our readers.


Sponsorship Of SIP Market Recap Letter

Your company’s most recent press release headlines is highlighted on our Featured News Releases section of the SIP Market Recap letter sent to our registered members. When the reader clicks on the headline, it brings them to your company website. There is a maximum of five corporate sponsors on our daily letter.


Advertising Rates

To find out what each advertising solution costs, just click on the Rate Card . The goal is to get your company’s positive developments communicated to the relevant audience, the investor actively seeking new investing opportunities. With a cost effective online advertising program, you get:

Build awareness and recognition of your company.

Bring investors to your corporate websites.

Different ways to deliver your compelling story to the right audience.

Tools to monitor and track the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Contact Us

For more information or our advertising rates contact us here.


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