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Your Next Four-Bagger: Rice

News agencies are starting to talk about food shortages, and rice is a big focus of the problem in many countries right now. As is always the case wi

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U.S. housing slump may exceed Depression: Shiller

An influential economist says the slump in the U.S. housing market could cause prices to fall more than they did in the Great Depression.

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To Boost Sales, Saturn Rethinks Itself—Again

In its new marketing campaign, GM's Saturn brand hopes a more sophisticated approach will attract women buyers.

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Green Investing: Clever Plays in Clean Tech

The prospect of new limits on carbon emissions is driving demand for clean technology in the energy sector. But investors need to take the long view.

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Chinese want a bigger say over copper

Chinese aluminium giant Chinalco has given the first clear indication that it plans to use its majority shareholding in Rio Tinto to push for greater

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Hedge fund managers make mint on housing crisis

Millions of Americans may be facing the prospect of losing their homes, but a handful of fund managers have become the best paid in their industry

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The U.S. Dollar & Gravity’s Pull

The U.S. dollar has declined deeply and except for a minor correction in 2005, consistently, since 2001. Its strength as measured by the U.S. dollar

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Why Exxon Won't Produce More

Exxon management flashed a chart that showed the company's worldwide oil production staying flat through 2012.

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