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Russian Machines cashing out of Magna International as lender calls security

Russian magnate Oleg Deripaska is being forced to cash out his 20 million shares in Canadian-based auto parts maker Magna International Inc. (TSX:MG.

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Thain to Take Role at Bank of America

Merrill Lynch’s chairman and chief executive, John A. Thain, will remain at Bank of America after the merger of the two financial giants, Bank of A

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Falling Oil Price Is a Positive Note Amid Turmoil

But lately, nearly lost amid the chaos in the markets, oil prices have been dropping sharply from July’s triple-digit peak. If that trend continues

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Lawmakers say federal bailout could cost $1 trillion

The Bush administration's effort to "avoid an imminent meltdown of the U.S. financial system" could end up costing taxpayers $1 trillion.

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China: 'Out of control' dairy system led to abuse

China's agriculture minister acknowledged Tuesday that the country's milk-gathering system was "out of control" and led to abuses that put contaminat

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How J.P. Morgan steered clear of the credit crunch

That call marked the beginning of a remarkable strategic shift that helped J.P. Morgan sidestep the worst of a historic credit crisis. J.P. Morgan mo

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Pfizer says R&D projects advancing ahead of schedule

Pfizer Inc., which has faced chronic erosion of its top line due to increased competition from generic drugs, announced Tuesday that its research and

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As Food Prices Soar, Brazil and Argentina React in Opposite Ways

Rising food prices mean many farmers around the world are reaping record profits. And South America’s agricultural powerhouses, Brazil and Argentin

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