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Interview with Mr. Tony Green, CEO of UMINING Resources Inc.(UMNG)

StockInvestorplace.com - Dec 1, 2014

Mr Tony Green, newly elected President and CEO of UMINING Resources Inc, is now set to bring embattled OTC micro cap UMNG into the entertainment production and digital distribution marketplace. He speaks to StockInvestorPlace.com about his strategy and vision for the company.

Question. As the new President and CEO of UMNG, in what direction are you planning to take the company into?

Tony Green: I am presently in the process of restructuring the company and going as far as to changing its name so as to reflect its new role as a competitive player in the entertainment industry. The restructuring of UMNG as well as its growth and success is my commitment to this company and its shareholders.

Question: What aspects of the entertainment industry do you intend to focus on?

Mr. Tony Green: My focus will be in the production, marketing and digital distribution of music and film, including shows for television and the web. I am also looking to extend the UMNG’s reach to encompass internet technologies and other viabilities including streaming channels to diffuse our content as well as other content licensed to us.

Question: What are some of your past achievements, both business and artistic?

Mr. Tony Green: I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for over thirty years in both the music and film business. In music, I’ve worked in every aspect of the business from being an artist/performer/songwriter to being a music publisher, a record label executive and owner as well as artist manager. I have been awarded for my works including such songs as “Come to Me” and “Everybody Get Up and Boogie”. The success of my many musical works led to my induction into the Canadian Dance Music Hall of Fame. In film, my experience includes writing, directing and producing which were my three contributions to my award winning film “South of the Moon”. I am proud to say that I have achieved my fair share of success and I will let my experience, my vigor and passion for this industry pilot UMNG into achieving its share of success.

Question: What is your view on new players like Amazon and Netflix?

Mr. Tony Green: Companies like Amazon, Netflix and others like them are the direct result of a global want and need to accommodate the ever growing hunger and affinity of the digital world and its ability to deliver viable product at the touch of one’s fingertip. I hope to take UMNG in somewhat the same direction and expand its horizons to partake in an ever-growing internet universe as a competitive player in this multibillion dollar business.

Question: Do you have a team in place to help you realize your goal for UMNG?

Mr. Tony Green: Part of restructuring the company is putting together a team that is second to none in experience, talent and accessibility. Though experience is paramount in a management team, the team I am putting together is one that has great initiative and is not afraid to think out of the box in tackling hurdles that may confront us. As to the production of film and music, we already have an experienced film crew and a casting company in place as well as talented songwriters and record producers to help us realize all our film and music endeavors. The growth and success of UMNG is my immediate goal but always keeping in mind my responsibility to our shareholders that are an important part of the lifeblood of this company. I aim to make UMNG a very lucrative part of their investment portfolio.

Question: Why are you getting into a public company to do your projects?

Mr. Tony Green: What excites me about running a public company is having access to the public market that is forever expanding. In such an environment, a company has a greater possibility of growth and a better chance at success. I am also impressed by the transparency behind the process which includes an openness of opinions from the company’s shareholders and the public at large. I look forward to running UMNG with the same openness and transparency.

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- Posted: 2014-12-01 12:40:52

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